Shelter in His Loving Arms

January 11, 2019

Occasionally, there are weeks when we see clients who are seeking abortions and, when they leave, abortion is still on their minds. Follow-up calls may not be returned and we may never know the outcome. These uncertain outcomes can be discouraging for the staff and consultants here at the center.

Then a client comes in and says thank you in a way that lifts our spirits.

A recent client left such an encouraging note in her exit survey that it was shared among the staff. She wrote, “I liked the feeling of God being present! I know He sent me here and I know everything’s going to be alright. Thank you! You guys were awesome! Young women need more places and people like you all.”

It is because of encouragement like this that can see the impact of what we are doing. We may not know what happens after a client leaves but God knows. He knows each of our names and the number of hairs on our heads—he cares about each client and her baby.

He cares for each of us and we can take shelter in His loving arms.

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