When the Result Is Negative

June 16, 2019

Each week we have a small percentage of clients that end up having a negative pregnancy test result. A few weeks ago, a new client came in young and terrified. She was undecided about what to do with the pregnancy, and abortion was a consideration.

Our staff spent time talking with her about her choices. When the pregnancy test came back negative, you can imagine the relief that overcame her. So how do we serve all clients that walk through our door, even those that are not pregnant?

In cases like this, being that an ultrasound is not needed, we get more time to have a meaningful conversation about the choices she made that brought her to us. We talk about sexual integrity, about her relationship with God, and healthy relationships. We hope to make a positive impact that ensures we will not see her again in a crisis pregnancy situation.

Our young client left us a great review, saying that we helped her rethink some areas in her life. She also said she would highly recommend our center to others, which is an accomplishment when assisting clients in sorting through such personal and complicated matters like this.

We’re grateful for the opportunity to sow into the future of every client who walks into our door. Continue to pray that each client is blessed and ministered to exactly where she is.

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