Minds Changed–Lives Saved!

February 9, 2019

It can be so discouraging seeing the news these days, knowing that there are people opposed to creating a culture of life in our communities.

However, we see the image of God in every client we meet and in every situation that is encountered here at the Center. When two of our most recent clients came into the center, they were both were incredibly abortion minded. But after speaking to their consultants and seeing their babies on the ultrasound screen, they each chose life! We don’t often seen clients who are very abortion-minded change their minds in the hour they spend here at the center but it happened twice recently!

Please pray for both of the these clients as they move forward with plans to parent. Please pray that both young women are able to stand firm in their decisions and that they will be surrounded by supportive family and friends.

With each client who walks through our doors, each person who volunteers, each church who drops off filled baby bottles, each donor who supports our mission–we are creating a community that values LIFE!

Praise the Lord for His presence and faithfulness!


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