We Have Hope

December 14, 2018

We often see women who are vulnerable to abortion—they may not be seeking an abortion but their circumstances make raising a child difficult. The father may no longer be in the picture, their family may not be supportive, they may have trouble finding a job or housing, they may worry about how they will pay for childcare after the baby is born, or they may not have insurance or be eligible for Medicaid.

There can be dozens of problems that they face and when they leave the center, our hope is that the child they saw on the ultrasound screen has become real to them and that they will take the referrals we give them and get the help they need.

For clients determined to have an abortion, they may leave rethinking their decision. Very rarely do abortion-minded clients completely change their minds from the time they walk in the door to when they leave about an hour later.

But, it does happen.

And it happened this week.

We had a 40-year-old client come in wanting an abortion. The client came in for an ultrasound and was determined that she was going to get an abortion. Unfortunately, our nurse was having a hard time getting a clear image of the baby. Frustrated because she knew of the woman’s determination to have an abortion, our nurse prayed for a clear image yet couldn’t get it.

But our God is a great and wonderful God!

When the client, nurse, and consultant met again in the consultation room after the ultrasound, the client announced that she was going to parent. Our nurse and consultant were stunned and asked what had changed the client’s mind. The client told our nurse that it was seeing the heartbeat on the screen. Even though the ultrasound image wasn’t clear, the heartbeat was—and it was all the client needed to see.  

We never know what is going through a client’s mind and how her heart will be touched but we have the hope that God knows and we trust in his word.  

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