The God of All Grace

December 7, 2018

The challenges our clients face can weigh heavily on our volunteer consultants and on the staff. This week alone, we had several clients who came in abortion-minded and left undecided.

We had a Spanish-speaking client–who was very abortion-minded–leave after her ultrasound appointment still wanting an abortion. She called back two days later asking if we could refer her to an abortion clinic. We explained that we do not do referrals to abortion clinics but we could help her find an Ob/Gyn who speaks Spanish. Did she have any other needs? Housing? Job search? We could refer her to contacts and other organizations in the area that could help.

No, she wanted an abortion.

Then there are bright spots that remind us that God is in control.

One client who came in wanting an abortion thought she was about seven weeks into her pregnancy. The ultrasound revealed something else entirely.

The client was stunned to discover that she was approximately 12-weeks pregnant. Seeing the baby on the screen during the ultrasound, she changed her mind. Her baby was clearly a baby.

Our client services director also followed up with an abortion-minded client from late last year whom we could not reach for follow-up. The client picked up the phone on the first ring and said that she had decided to keep her baby—who was now four months old! The client said that her baby had brought her so much joy that she could never imagine not having her.

Even during those times when clients’ decisions remain unclear or are not what we would want, God shows us His power and gives us hope.

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