God Knows and Cares

January 25, 2019

In the last few weeks, we have had many abortion-minded women come into the Center. Sometimes when these women leave, they are still seriously considering abortion and ultimately the situation is out of our control. It is discouraging and we cannot always see how God is working in these moments, but we have to trust that He is.

Today, we celebrated the good news of a past client who came into the Center to share with us her baby girl who just turned a year old. The client came almost a year ago with the father of the baby and was extremely abortion minded. At her visit, she had an ultrasound and found out that she was 9 weeks along– but ultimately decided to pursue an abortion.

When she went to her appointment at the abortion clinic, she and the father of the baby encountered people praying outside. After entering the building, neither of them could shake the feeling that something was not right and decided they couldn’t go through with the abortion. In that moment, they made the decision to keep their baby and parent.

The client came back to the Center today to express her gratitude and introduce her baby.

She told us that she could not imagine life without her little girl.

Praise God!

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