The Faithfulness of God

December 21, 2018

Though many times the stories of women we see are left unsettled, this week we were able to experience the good work that the Lord started.

A woman came in last week determined to get an abortion. Most often, the abortion-minded women may leave not completely changing their minds, but instead reconsidering their choices. This woman, however, changed her mind instantly after seeing her baby’s heartbeat on the ultrasound. God’s graciousness allowed her to have a soft heart and an open mind.

The Lord, merciful as He is, did not stop there. The client came back again this week to receive her test results from the previous visit. She was surprised to learn that a local church had already decided to bless her for her decision to choose life. The mother was touched to receive a $250 Walmart gift card from a church she had never attended. The gift was not only a sweet surprise this Christmas season, but also a welcomed one. It will help the mother prepare for her new baby.

For a pregnant woman contemplating abortion, being able to provide for the baby may pose a serious concern in choosing life. This gift from strangers will give this mother some peace of mind about providing for him. We rejoice in our partners who have been able to provide this comfort to our client.

This provision by a local church reminds us of the joy that comes through being the hands and feet of Jesus.

Praise the Lord!

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