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Christian Johnson, Executive Director

Christian joined CWC as the Executive Director in 2017 after retiring as a lieutenant colonel from the U.S. Army.  He comes with the unique perspective of having been conceived in rape and exists today because of a pregnancy-help ministry that came along his mother’s side during a time of crisis.  She could have taken the culturally acceptable easy way out with an abortion, but instead, she chose to see the pregnancy through, giving Christian the gift of life.  He says, “Were it not for my biological mother’s courage and the support she received, my adoptive family would not have had a son and brother, nor would my own two children exist today.  I believe God gave me this life story to make a meaningful difference in the lives of others.”

Christian holds a bachelor’s degree in Spanish Education from Liberty University and Masters of Quality Systems Management from the National Graduate School.  His diverse professional experience includes sexual assault victim advocacy, strategic partnership development, marketing/advertising program management, family support programs, and high school teacher/coach which all uniquely prepared him for this position.  Christian is married to his wife Amie of 22 yrs and they have two children currently attending college.

Sarah Dunford, Client Services Director

Sarah came to Choices Women’s Center as the Client Services Director in 2016. Her passion to help others facing the same difficult circumstances she once encountered was the driving force behind her decision to join the CWC team. Sarah became a mother at just sixteen-years old and understands perfectly the struggles of being a teen mother, a single mother, and making a blended family thrive!

She credits the grace of God as well as good people willing to help young mothers like herself, for the ability to finish her education. She earned her bachelor’s degree from Virginia Commonwealth University as well as her masters degree from Liberty University. She comes to the center with experience in the field of education. She is currently writing a book addressing the needs of young women that find themselves in frightening & seemingly impossible situations!

Sarah and her husband have two children and a crazy dog.  She loves reading, writing, and a beach. Not in that order. A few of her favorite things are travel, photography, and all things family.

Gloria Whitley, Nurse Manager

 In 1974, Gloria was the Nursing Supervisor for Rappahannock Health District where she referred several girls for an abortion. Soon after, she became pro-life. Since then she has dedicated her life to the pro-life movement. Her favorite aspect of working at CWC is being able to share Jesus’ love, purpose, and plan these babies’ lives. She also loves seeing new life, a beautiful, miraculous, creation of God. It never gets old. When asked how this experience has changed her, Gloria responded, “I am full and blessed to minister with so many lovely, passionate, Godly women. Their unique impact has increased my joy, made me more grateful, and encouraged me to aim higher. The clients also have demonstrated great strength and hope in the midst of tragic life circumstances. And even the clients who choose abortion renew my commitment to life. Seeing lives healed and changed gives me encouragement to see God’s grace on display. One of our consultants always says, ‘When we do the difficult, God does the impossible.’ When I am weary, burdened, or full of mistakes, I experience grace.”

Kelly Lester, Director of Outreach & Engagement

Kelly joined us in December as our Event Director and quickly moved into the position of Director of Outreach and Engagement.  She is passionate about healthy families, churches and communities and enjoys seeing them find freedom and overcome their past choices.  She and her husband serve in ministry at Awakening Community Church with their 6 beautiful children. 



Christie Amundson, Administrative Director

Christie has been with us for just a short time but has been a long time supporter of CWC.  She is married, has four children and a grandson.  She spend the last 25 years raising her children and being a stay at home mom.  She has always hada heart for the ministry; with many of its aspects touching her own life.  She says, “This is a broken world full of broken people.  I am one of those people and I just want to share God’s love, grace and mercy with others.”


Katie Hinton, Asst. Client Services Director

Katie Hinton was born near Marion, Indiana and raised along with her 9 siblings surrounded by Indiana cornfields until her family moved to Fredericksburg in 1999.  She was born in the middle of all 10 children, which she says is her favorite place to be. She works at a pottery shop part-time and enjoys creating and selling pottery along with teaching wheel-throwing classes.

Katie volunteered with CWC as she had time in her high school years, but began volunteering weekly in 2015 and was then hired as CWC’s Receptionist in February of last year.  She has always been encouraged to be involved in the pro-life fight, even from a young age watching her father co-found the first pro-life policy advocacy group in their county in Indiana.

Savanna Scheffel, Creative Content Manager

Savanna is from Somerset, Pennsylvania but has spent the last three years in Fredericksburg with her husband. She has always felt called to create anything from music to photos to greeting cards. With a passion for details and small comforts, she finds that whether it’s gardens, babies or grown-ups, she loves to help things grow.



Machelle Edivan, Finance Manager

Machelle Edivan began working at Choices because she has a “passion for babies” and her “heart aches for women who have abortions and struggle with the guilt.” She says her favorite part of working at Choices is the people. She says the staff and volunteers, “truly care about the clients that walk through the door.” Because she works “behind the scenes,” she does not talk to the clients directly but does get to see how God moves to change the life of a client. Machelle believes that working at the center is a constant reminder of how great God is.

Machelle’s favorite activities include reading, scrap booking, mission trips, spending time with her family and working with the youth group at church. She holds a bachelor’s degree in business, has been married for 24 years, and has four children. She and her husband are also foster parents.


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