Our Three Clients

September 3, 2019

Our clients are commonly in one of three categories: “life-minded,” “abortion-vulnerable,” or “abortion-minded.” Life-minded means they intend to carry the pregnancy to term and have ideal conditions for parenting their unborn child. Our abortion-vulnerable clients have not eliminated abortion as an option or have living situations that could easily lead to that choice (e.g., unemployed or single). Finally, we have abortion-minded clients. These clients have stated their intentions to have an abortion, and in some cases, have already scheduled the procedure.

With these clients, we take an extensive amount of time to assist her and get whatever resources she may need to feel empowered to choose life. Recently, our center appointments have been fewer than expected. Our staff gathered in prayer against anything that might be hindering our prospective clients from finding our center.

God answered our prayers. Recently not one, not two, but three abortion-minded clients arrived at our door in one day. These clients were either looking for an abortion clinic or already had their abortion appointment scheduled. One client, in particular, had her abortion scheduled for the next day. During her ultrasound, when she saw her baby on the screen, a smile spread across her face as she said, “I can’t have this abortion.” You could see the joy when she connected with her little one.

When you pray, please pray for these moms. Pray for the women that are in the valley of decision. Pray they find us and make it to our door before anywhere else. Pray we have the wisdom and discernment to best impact their thoughts, attitudes, and perceptions about the new life growing inside of them.

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