1920s Fashion Tips

January 1, 2020

1920s fashion centered around the revolution of freedom in social expectations. Both men’s and women’s 1920s clothing broke out of the prim and proper mold of Victorian ideals and into free-spirited casual wear. Roaring 20s fashion gained comfort while showing off an entirely new and wild use of color and decoration.

1920s Fashion Trends for Women

  • Below-knee length drop-waist dresses with a loose, straight fit
  • Beaded evening dresses inspired by “flappers”
  • Mary Jane or T-strap heels
  • Casual sport golf knickers, argyle socks, blouse and tie
  • Cocoon fur coats and fringe wraps
  • Cloche hats and short bobbed hairstyles
  • Bead or feather headbands for evenings
  • Long pearl necklaces, bold Art Deco colors, faux gemstones
  • Small beaded purses held pretty makeup compacts and cigarette cases

1920s Fashion Trends for Men


  • 1920s men’s formal wear kept the traditional top hat and tailcoat as well as added an option for a dinner jacket that’s called a Tuxedo coat today. Tuxedos should have notch or peak lapels with single button closure.
  • Formal suits were almost always black, but dark navy blue was also acceptable. 
  • Matching pants were worn with tailcoats and tuxedo jackets. They were high waisted and worn with suspenders.
  • Trousers had thin legs and cuffs turned up at the high ankle. Short formal pants – men’s black silk socks were visible, even while standing up.  
  • Popular hats were fedoras, trilbys, skimmers, and paneled flat caps
  • Hair was worn tight and slicked back
  • Facial hair was clean-shaven


Here’s an excellent resource if you’re looking for more tips, advice, or products to help put your costume together. 


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