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1920s Fashion Tips

January 1, 2020

1920s fashion centered around the revolution of freedom in social expectations. Both men’s and women’s 1920s clothing broke out of the prim and proper mold of Victorian ideals and into free-spirited casual wear. Roaring 20s fashion gained comfort while showing off an entirely new and wild use of color and decoration. 1920s Fashion Trends for Women Below-knee […]

He would not be here

December 28, 2019

“He would not be here if not for you.“ Several months back, a Nigerian couple came to Choices. They were struggling with a positive pregnancy test on top of several other obstacles they were facing as recent immigrants without insurance. When they arrived at Choices, they found a listening ear, a helping hand, and a confirmation that […]

The Grasp of Reality

September 3, 2019

Two months ago, a young client came to Choices Women’s Center alone for a free pregnancy test and seeking the abortion pill (i.e., chemical abortion). Our nurse performed the test, and the results came back positive, but the client was too early for an ultrasound confirmation. This scenario is often a disadvantage for us because […]

Our Three Clients

Our clients are commonly in one of three categories: “life-minded,” “abortion-vulnerable,” or “abortion-minded.” Life-minded means they intend to carry the pregnancy to term and have ideal conditions for parenting their unborn child. Our abortion-vulnerable clients have not eliminated abortion as an option or have living situations that could easily lead to that choice (e.g., unemployed […]

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