Praise the Lord Who Intervenes!

October 19, 2018

We recently had a client call asking for an abortion but who agreed to come in for an ultrasound. When she arrived with her mother, she was interested in learning more about abortion procedures and risks. She thought that she was about 7-weeks pregnant.

The father of the baby was out of the picture and the client didn’t see a future with him. Her mother had told her that she thought the client should get an abortion and the client told our consultant that she felt she had no choice.

But when they went back for the ultrasound, they discovered that the client was actually pregnant with a perfectly formed 14-week old baby.

At the end of the appointment, the client wrote on her exit form that she was still interested in seeking an abortion but had expressed interest in adoption. The next day, our staff nurse followed up and the client expressed the desire to form an adoption plan. There are voices around her still encouraging her to get an abortion but she told the nurse that she couldn’t do it. Please pray for this young woman. 

Praise the Lord for his intervention!

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