God Changes Minds!

November 2, 2018

Recently, we had a young woman come in hoping she was not pregnant. She wanted an abortion and after talking to our receptionist for several minutes after she arrived, she expressed her belief in God and told our receptionist that she had a faith background. Our receptionist prayed with her and asked that God would speak to the client and guide her decision.  

After taking a pregnancy test that confirmed a pregnancy, the client had an ultrasound and spoke with the consultant and nurse. However, when the client left, she was still abortion-minded. 

And after she left, we prayed that her eyes would be opened to the truth.

Several days later, she came in to pick up a copy of her ultrasound report. When she arrived, she spoke with our receptionist again and told her that the prayer our receptionist prayed came true! The client had a dream–in it, there was a baby girl surrounded by a field of flowers. In the dream, the baby was reaching out to her.

The client said she was now determined to keep her baby and felt God was telling her that this was what she was supposed to do. She was going to talk to the father of the baby and tell him that she was fully convinced that God wanted them keep the baby!

We rejoiced! God is a great and marvelous God!

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