Choosing a Path

October 26, 2018

This week, we had a client and her mother come to the center. The client, who was 15-years-old, did not want an abortion but her mother saw her daughter’s pregnancy as the end for her daughter’s future.

The mother filled out the paperwork and wrote that they were seeking an abortion.

On the day of the client’s appointment, we had two consultants on site. The first had a mother who made her get an abortion at 15 and she suffered for years from effects of the abortion. It also caused a rift between her and her mother that took years to heal.

The second consultant chose life for her child and, today, her daughter is successful and happy.

The consultant who initially spoke with the 15-year-old client and her mom was the one whose mother made her get the abortion. She spoke to them about her abortion and told her story.

The nurse and the consultant quickly realized that it was the mother who needed this information not the client. The client was ready to parent or make an adoption plan, but the mother was sure her daughter would be stuck with a child and no future.

Our nurse quickly requested the presence of the other consultant so that the mother could see the difference in the stories. The second consultant was able to tell the mother that, yes, she did get pregnant at 15 and have a baby but she later went on to graduate from college and get her master’s degree. Today, her daughter–who also graduated from college–works in Washington, D.C. and they have a great relationship.

When the client and her mother left, the mother filled out an exit form that asks what the client’s plans are after the appointment. She wrote “undecided” instead of “abortion.” Please pray for this client and her mother that the mother will choose to see the client’s unborn baby as her grandchild and not a burden for her daughter.

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