Building a Community that Values Life

November 30, 2018

This past week, a local church hosted a baby shower at our center for one of our clients. What a blessing!

When she first came to us, this young mom was having a difficult time. She was scared and felt that no one in her family would support her during her pregnancy.

But she chose life for her child.

Yolanda’s story was featured during our gala and a local church was moved to provide a baby shower for her new little one. Yolanda also took home Christmas gifts the church purchased for her older children. After fun and games, food and presents, church members prayed for Yolanda and her young family.

Creating a community that values Life starts in small ways. It’s being there when a young mother is pregnant but it’s also helping her with parenting classes, finding a local doctor, or connecting her with a donor willing to provide diapers for the first year of her child’s life. It is all of these things and more but our God is in the business of more—more hope, more love, more faith, more LIFE.

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