Blessings from the Lord!

October 12, 2018

This week we met a couple that made our hearts happy!

They came in together and were a little reserved in the beginning. We spent time talking with the client while her boyfriend waited patiently. We were able to perform an ultrasound but, due to lack of health insurance, the client had waited to seek care. This was her first ultrasound but she was a little further along than our usual first time clients. The client wanted her boyfriend to come back and, by the time I retrieved him, her sister had arrived.

Both the sister and the father of the baby were getting ready to step into the ultrasound room when the father saw the monitor. He was taken aback, “No way!” He exclaimed. He looked back at me with huge smile and then proceeded in the room so we could close the door. He was thrilled. The client was thrilled. The soon-to-be aunt was in tears. The father of the baby was high-fiving the sonographer. It was a celebration of life. Immediately, they began discussing potential baby names and how to prepare for parenthood!

After the ultrasound was completed, we called everyone back into the consulting room and presented this first-time father with our New Dad Toolbox. We then invited him to be a part of the men’s mentoring program! He was overwhelmed. We presented her with a homemade blanket that was generously donated to the center. This couple was all smiles!

We talked about marriage and family and then we prayed over them and thanked God for ending our week on such a high note!

Our goal is to bless our clients but sometimes God sends someone in to bless us. This couple and their zeal and awe for their new little life did just that!

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